Alone Together

Right now, a lot of us are stuck in a holding pattern. Our normal activities and desired pursuits have been shelved. We cannot move towards the life we want to be living; instead, we are stuck in the life we were dealt in March. The circumstances of your life might not match your desired lifestyle. 

You might be an extrovert, stuck at home alone. The gregarious group activities you used to be a part of are not available. For company, you might have adopted a furry friend from your local animal shelter, or put googly eyes on your indoor cactus. Hopefully, you have not yet succumbed to painting a face on a volleyball. All you want is to hang out with a bunch of people for a little bit and have a face to face chat with a compassionate ear.

Or, you might be an introvert, stuck in a small place with too many people. You’re living in a 900 sq. ft. space with your kids doing distance learning, and your spouse working remotely from home. Every room is occupied. You have nowhere to escape all these people, and even your daily solitary walks through the neighborhood were put on hold for a month because of the smoke. All you crave is 30 minutes of peace and quiet. 

Nowhere resonates more with the oxymoronic phrase “alone together” than community acupuncture. Acupuncture in a group is good whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert. As an introvert, you can bring your headphones, listen to your meditation podcast, pop your lavender eye pillow on over your eyes, soften your gaze and slip into 30 minutes of quiet solitude. As an extrovert you can have a nice chat with your local acupuncturist about how crazy this all is, and then feel the communal healing vibe pulsing around you. Whatever your demeanor, or personality type, schedule today and we can be alone together.

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