Don’t Let All The New Rules Get You Down

There are so many new rules these days, it’s easy to feel befuddled and confused. Also, it’s a drag. We’ve got a lot of new rules at SAP. It’s not ideal, but they are there to make the clinic safer.

It’s like swimming in a public pool vs. hanging out in your buddies backyard pool. In the backyard pool, if your buddy’s cool, you can run around naked and do backflips while eating a chili dog and drinking beer out of a bottle. But that wouldn’t fly (or swim) at a public pool. There’s rules like no running, no diving, and no distracting the lifeguard. The rules are there to keep people from hurting themselves or drowning.

A Community Acupuncture Clinic works best when it’s like an adult swim time on a summer day at a public pool. When everyone follows the rules, it’s quiet, restorative, and fun in the sun. Schedule now to reserve your spot.

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