Improve Yourself to Change the World.

So many of us, in this challenging time, just don’t feel like ourselves. We’re stressed, we’re worried, and our systems of self care have long been disrupted. We can’t sleep. Our eating is erratic. Exercise is difficult to do with the intermittent but regular smoke. Some of us have such grueling schedules (especially if you are working full time and monitoring children suffering through distance learning), there wouldn’t be time to go outside and exercise even when the Air Quality Index warranted it. 

However, this is a time when we need to be at our best. We need to be creating positive social change and acting as a source of positive support for our friends, our family and our community. To do that we need to access our fortitude, our endurance, our patience, our compassion, and our love. By being centered first, we are better equipped to create positive social change. We can find our own balance and calm so that we can create positive change in the world and be a pillar of support for the causes we are passionate about. 

Come back to yourself with acupuncture, so you can help others. 

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