Welcome Marissa Riojas, L.Ac. (She/her)  (Hablo español) 

As a child, I found an acupuncture book in my public library and did a school project where I stuck sewing needles into a cloth doll to demonstrate the acupuncture meridians. Many years later, I received my first treatment as a patient. At the time, I was deep in a Master’s program when I started to burnout. It was in experiencing the healing power of acupuncture that I decided to finally go to acupuncture school. I graduated with a Masters and Doctorate from Five Branches University with a specialization in Acupuncture Psychology. To bring myself full circle, I did my Doctoral research on ‘burnout.’ It was during this time that I also received my Meditation Teacher Certification and took Sound Healing courses. During my free time, I enjoy meditating, nerding out on yogic spirituality, exploring the outdoors with my dog, and playing with shape and color in any way I can.

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