Here at SAP, we love Lisa!  

We wouldn’t be here doing what we are doing without her.  We especially love all of the writing she continues to share with us about community acupuncture.  Please check out the following for a bit more about Lisa and what she has done (and keeps doing) for community acupuncture.  We’ve also included links so you can check out her great writing for yourself!

Lisa Rohleder is a writer, an acupuncturist, and an organizer. She is a co-founder of Working Class Acupuncture, one of the first community acupuncture clinics in the US.  She is also a founder of the Community Acupuncture Network, the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture (POCA), and POCA Tech (The first school in the US devoted solely to teaching community acupuncturists).  

For more of Lisa’s writing, please check out the following links:
Lisa’s Acu Safety Nerd Blog
Lisa’s Books and Some Published Articles

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