Margo on Sheltering in Place

OAP: What have you been doing that has kept you calm and happy?

Margo: Getting outside; be it blowing bubbles with my 2 year old daughter, taking a walk, or eating meals outside. Just stepping outside and breathing in the fresh air helps change my mood.


OAP: Do you have any good shows or movies that you have been watching?

Margo: We of course watched Frozen 2 as soon as it was released and that was fun. When my daughter is sleeping I’ve been watching Schitt’s Creek.


OAP: Have you cooked anything tasty lately?

Margo: I baked a chocolate chip cookie in the cast iron skillet on the grill which was fun. It’s a little smokey tasting but was good practice and I will be perfecting the technique so I don’t have to heat up the house to bake.


OAP: What do you miss about doing acupuncture in the clinic?

Margo:  I miss seeing patients and helping them feel better. I miss a busy shift where everyone is napping at the same time, can’t beat that feeling of a full room of resting patients.

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