Springtime Special: A Week of Unlimited Acupuncture for $55: Frequently Asked Questions

Springtime Special: A Week of Unlimited Acupuncture for $55

Frequently Asked Questions

Our hope is that this special will allow people an opportunity to really immerse themselves into some much needed rest and self care. Receiving acupuncture at this frequency can help reset our baseline stress to a much lower level. 

Q: Wow! Is this really unlimited acupuncture? How often can I come in? 

A: You can come in once per day in the 8 day period from the date of the initial follow-up visit booked using the special. (We added an extra day to the unlimited week since we’re closed on Sunday.) For example, if you purchase and book your first appointment on Wednesday, March 23rd you can come in daily through Wednesday, March 30th.  If your first appointment is on Thursday March 31st you can come in daily until Thursday April 7th.

Q: How do I purchase this wonderful offering? 

A: When you go to book an appointment online, click the option for “One Week of UNLIMITED Follow-up Visits for $55” and book as usual.  A credit card payment will be taken at the time of booking. This booking will serve as your first appointment and is the beginning of your 8 day unlimited period. We will create a note in your chart that you are doing the unlimited special for the week. Please book the rest of your unlimited follow up visits like a normal follow up visit.  You’re all set, get lots of acupuncture!

Q: What if I can’t make an appointment and am not able to cancel within 12 hrs? 

A: Late cancellations and no shows negatively impact our ability to make acupuncture accessible (which is the whole point of this special). Our 12 hour cancellation policy still applies to these appointments. If you do not show up for an appointment, or it is not canceled before 12 hours, you will be held responsible for the $20 missed appointment fee. Also, if there are 2 or more late cancellations or no shows in your unlimited week, the package is void.

Q: How do I book my appointments after the first day? 

A: You can book a returning appointment as you usually do online, over the phone, or by email. When booking online, be sure to book follow-up visits using the “pay at SAP” option. We will see the credit in your account and will not ask you for further payment.

Q: Do I have to make an appointment or can I just walk in? 

A: We don’t take walk-ins. You have to book your appointment either online, by phone or email. 

Q: Can I purchase this for a friend? 

A: No.This special must be purchased under the correct patient’s Schedulicity account to avoid any potential errors.

Q: Can I purchase this now and use it later? 

A: No. This is just a short term special.  You must begin using the special by March 31st.

Q: I didn’t even know I could do acupuncture daily. Is it safe? 

A: Daily acupuncture is safe and effective. It is often recommended for persistent or severe conditions.

Q: What conditions could benefit from 7 days of acupuncture? 

A: Almost any condition could benefit from daily acupuncture sessions, especially if you are struggling with something that is aggravated by stress. Some examples are insomnia, Bell’s Palsy, fertility, anxiety, depression, autoimmune conditions, and chronic pain.

Q: Logistically, I cannot come 7 days in a row. Is it still worth it to me? 

A: Financially, it’s a good deal even if you can only come in 3 times!

Q: Wow! I think I found a glitch in your system. Can I first book on March 21st and come for 7 days, and then purchase another unlimited package on March 31st for another 7 days? 

A: Yes. We didn’t realize that there was this glitch when we first came up with this special, but what an opportunity! If you need 14 days of acupuncture, you should totally go for it!

Q: I’m a new patient. Can I take advantage of this special? 

A: You can, but only after you have booked and completed your New Patient Visit. New Patient Visits are longer than return appointments because we need the extra time with you to welcome you to the clinic and have a more complete understanding of your condition. After booking and completing a New Patient Visit, you can then book “One Week of UNLIMITED Follow-up Visits for $55”. If a mistake happens, and a new patient books this special, we will contact you to re-book you as a new patient and reschedule your return appointment for the next appropriate day. 

Q: I don’t want to use a credit card for this. Can I purchase this with cash or check? 

A: Yes. Hand it directly to your acupuncturist so they can update your account and prevent any administrative snafus. 

Q: I have an easy card, will this mess up my prepaid treatments? 

A: No. As long as you book correctly, we won’t deduct your prepaid session from your easy card while you use this special.


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