Farewell Molly Fread, LAc.

Photo provided courtesy of @christinabestphotography

Dear Patients,

I’ve accepted a position as an acupuncturist with the Sutter Institute for Health & Healing in their Midtown office, starting April 2020. It’s a very exciting opportunity for me professionally, though I will greatly miss working with all of you here at SAP. It’s been such a privilege helping you over the years, easing pain, calming stress, and celebrating progress. You have all guided me to become a better provider and have added so much richness and depth to my life experience. In the four and a half years since SAP first opened in 2015, I’ve given over 20,000 treatments to my Sacramento community. Thank you! I will forever be grateful for the beautiful relationships I’ve developed at SAP. My last day here will be Friday, March 6th, 2020. Please keep in touch, on Instagram:  @mollyfreadL.ac or by email mollyfreadL.ac@gmail.com

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