What We Don’t Do

If you require any of the following, our clinic may NOT be the right fit for you:

We Do Not Offer Front and/or Back Treatments

We do all our treatments using distal points: elbows and knees down, ears, and scalp. We find this is a very effective way of treating many conditions.  Rolling up sleeves/pants to elbows and knees is more fitting and comfortable for the community acupuncture environment.

We Don’t Use Massage Tables

We perform all acupuncture treatments in comfortable recliners.

We Do Not Provide Acupuncture Treatments on the Floor

With the use of the right pillows and blankets, we find that we can get most people comfortable in our chairs. Doing treatments on the floor is not an option.

We Do Not Provide Private Consultation

For follow up treatments, we talk for a short amount of time, in hushed voices, in our open group treatment room.

We Don’t Provide Lifestyle Or Psychological Counseling

Our focus is to provide all our clients with efficient high quality acupuncture. Our interviews are short and used to gather the information we need to do this. We aren’t able or equipped to provide extensive lifestyle or psychological counseling.

We Don’t Sell Herbal Formulas or Supplements

Animals at SAP: NO animals allowed in the clinic, including emotional support animals.  Service animals are the only exception.  We do NOT treat pets at SAP.  If you would like a referral for animal acupuncture please let us know.

We Are Not Equipped to Change Money

We do not keep money sitting around the clinic and are therefore unable to provide change. Please have the exact amount you wish to pay in our sliding scale ready when you come in for treatment.

Private Acupuncture – A Different Choice

In private settings, the practitioner will typically spend a good deal of time on an intake and assessment, and there will be more “talking time.” You will be treated in a private room, usually on a massage table. You may be treated on the front and back of your body, and there may be additional therapies, like cupping, massage, and moxibustion, incorporated into your treatment. Some patients may prefer the privacy and longer personal attention. Please be aware that while we will provide you a personalized treatment, we are practiced in doing it very quickly. We will not be able to give you more “talking time” than the other patients in the clinic. If you prefer a private treatment, there are many acupuncture clinics in the area! We can recommend a few of our friends: