Roselle’s New Book

Roselle, one of the founders of our sister clinic Oakland Acupuncture Project, has recently published a book called The Open Book: A Family Memoir of Adventure, Trauma, and Resilience.

The story began fifty years ago when two young dreamers built a life together on an off-grid homestead in the Belizean jungle. When a hurricane destroyed everything they had worked so hard to create, it was tempting to give up––but they persisted and thrived, until their family fell apart under mysterious circumstances. 

Thirty years later, their daughters set out to find the truth of what happened. In The Open Book, multiple voices are woven together to provide a unique portrait of one family’s wild-but-true experience from four different perspectives. This honest and uplifting story celebrates the strength of women, the power of love, and the resilience of the human spirit.  For more information, reviews, or to purchase, check out the listing on Amazon:

You can also learn more about the project and view photos on her website:

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