We Are Scent Free

There’s nothing that lifts my spirits like a yummy-scented spritz of something: floral, earthy, warm, herbaceous; perfume, lotion, or essential oils. The right scent can make me feel like I’m wafting through my day on a delicious, fluffy cloud. I’m sure some of you agree. But scent is a sensitive subject, and what smells good to you might not smell good to me — and did you know that a whiff of your favorite product can literally make other people sick?

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) affects millions of people, some of who are likely to be sitting next to you at OAP. MCS causes symptoms that include headaches, fatigue, chest pain, dizziness, nausea, flare ups of skin and sinus conditions, and more. That’s why medical clinics and health care offices usually have a strict SCENT FREE policy. Lots of people in the OAP community find relief from symptoms like these in our clinic, and we’re all committed to ensuring a safe and hospitable space for everyone. We’re here to make our patients feel better, which is why I leave my scents on the shelf whenever I come to OAP.

If you lather up or spritz in the morning, you may not think it’s still lingering when you come for a treatment in the afternoon, but it’s well documented that our noses get used to smells after they’ve been on us for a while. Even “natural” scents like essential oils can trigger people’s symptoms. Please help us keep our clinic a safe and welcoming space for everyone by skipping the perfume and lotion on the day of your treatment, and heading straight to the bathroom to wash anything off if you’ve forgotten. It’s a small gesture from you, but a big one to all of us.

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