Elana on POCAfest Marin 2016

Margo, Sarah, and Elana at the Beach

This past weekend, we at OAP joined together with our SAP (Sacramento Acupuncture Project) family and other acupunks (AKA Community Acupuncturists) from across the country in beautiful Marin Headlands for POCA Fest. If you don’t know by now, POCA is the People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture whose mission is “to work cooperatively to increase accessibility to and availability of affordable group acupuncture treatments.” Basically, POCA has created an amazing platform that helps to make it possible for hundreds of community clinics to pop up around the world, spreading the positive vibes and benefits of acupuncture world wide.

It was my first POCA fest and a weekend full of amazing workshops and connecting with passionate acupunks. Jeff from our Grand clinic led a workshop on effective HR tools and tricks for keeping our acupunks properly trained and working to their fullest potential. Cait from our Laurel clinic and Molly from SAP shared their experiences and advice on keeping healthy boundaries with patients in and outside of the clinic walls. I was excited to learn some new acupuncture protocols and herbal formulas to help treat anything from shoulder and ankle pain, IBS, common colds and all the way to fertility.
At night, we huddled together by the bonfire, caught a few shooting stars and shared stories with fellow acupunks. It was amazing to see all of the clinic owners, acupunks and students interested in POCA from Canada, Pennsylvania, Texas, New Mexico and more with the same goals and desire to continue making acupuncture accessible and affordable to the masses.
All in all, it was a beautiful weekend with incredible views, warm and generous people and the spirit and love of community acupuncture.

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