Welcome Whitney Thorniley, LAc

whitneypicWhitney, who has been at our Oakland location on Laurel Ave. for nearly 8 years, will be moving to Sacramento Acupuncture Project  in January so that we can expand our hours.

“I received my B.A. from The Naropa Institute in Boulder, CO. I left Boulder for a much less sunny San Francisco in 1997. I moved to the slightly sunnier East Coast of the Bay in 2001 and have been in Oakland ever since, though I will always consider West Virginia home.  Many years working in the grueling yet rewarding food service industry created the aches and pains that initially led me to acupuncture. The results were amazing.  My own powerful experiences as a patient coupled with my typical curiosity made it clear that I needed to study acupuncture. With school completed, I worried about what my practice would look like and whether I would actually make it as an acupuncturist. I was thrilled and relieved to learn about Community Acupuncture, and I have never practiced professionally any other way! When not in the clinic I read and hike and laugh and spend time with my two wild and amazing boys.”

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