Help Us Help You

Help Us help You

We work hard at S/OAP to make sure you get a quality acupuncture treatment in a timely manner in our cozy treatment rooms. Here are five ways you can help us do our job even better: 

Book an appointment – This ensures our ability to see you and everyone else in a timely manner and gives us an opportunity to review your case history before your treatment.  If you are looking for a last minute appointment you can call, text, or email the clinic to see what we have available.  Please do not just “drop-in” as this disrupts the flow of the clinic, and we may have to turn you away.

Arrive on timePlease arrive 5-minutes before your scheduled appointment time so you can get settled in your recliner and are ready to meet with the practitioner at the START of your 10 minute slot.  Punctuality is very important to us since we see clients every ten minutes and do not wish to make anyone wait.

Do NOT book the New Patient Special more than once – Once you have come in for the first appointment of the 3 visit special please book the rest of your appointments as a “Follow up”.  If you book the New Patient special again it will charge you again, and no one likes getting double charged!  If you are having trouble booking your follow up appointments, feel free to reach out to us for help getting started. 

Update your info in Schedulicity – Please occasionally make sure that your name, phone, and email are correct in our scheduling software, Schedulicity.  Just click “edit profile” if you need to make any changes.  This way we can easily contact you if any last minute changes come up and also helps us avoid confusion about who you are when you come in for treatment.  Unfortunately, we can not change this kind of information on our end.

Correctly booking appointments for friends and family – If you want to bring a friend or family member into the clinic with you, awesome!  Just make sure that you book 2 appointments back to back (10 minutes apart) so we have time to see both of you.  If it will be their first time in the clinic, make sure to book them as a New Patient.  Also, if you are booking both appointments under your name, leave us a note in the booking letting us know who you will be bringing in with you.

Let us know if you are running late or can’t make it to your appointment (even if it is last minute) – Though we have a 12 hour cancellation policy, it is still very helpful to know if there is a change to your schedule.  You can call, text, or email and let us know what’s up so we can plan appropriately and not spend time tracking you down to figure out what is going on.  Also, we can open up spots for other patients that might want to book.

Be gentle with our chairs by being mindful of the locking mechanism: Be sure that the locks on the side are set to “unlock” before leaning forward at all.  They should be parallel with the floor.  Repeated stress on the locking mechanism will cause breakage and which takes a lot of time and effort to fix!

Respect your neighbors and practitioners: We have created a quiet, serene, and neutral environment at each of our clinics. To maintain this environment and to avoid disturbing your sleepy neighbor, refrain from making loud noises like undoing velcro, jangling keys, or closing the door too hard. Please be sensitive to our clients with allergies and avoid wearing strong scents when in the treatment room, and make sure to turn off your phone.  Also, please remember that the acupuncturist is there to treat and hold space for everyone in the clinic, it is a lot to manage, so please respect their boundaries and time.

Help us make our payment systems more efficient:  Make sure to always include your name with your payment (on payment slip or check) so we don’t have to hunt down who paid for what.  Also, please do not fold your cash or checks. Keeping things flat helps us save time when processing payments.(checks also do not require a payment slip as long as your name is on there).

Get your nest sorted: Make sure to have your pants and sleeves rolled up, have any pillows and blankets in place, phones and watches on silent or turned off, other belongings under or behind your chair and personal listening devices all cued up when we come over to treat you. 

Check out our House RulesYou can find these rules posted throughout the clinics.  These rules were created to establish a safe and efficient community space for all of our patients and practitioners.  We want everyone to feel welcome and comfortable both physically and emotionally when they enter the clinic so please take a second to review the rules below so you can help contribute to our healing vibe.  If you are a rules junkie and want to find out more, you can also visit the Clinic Policies Page and the What We Don’t Do Page on our website.

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