New Easy Card Procedures: Frequently Asked Questions

Question: I had an easy card before the pandemic started, is it still there?

Answer: Yes. We still have it on file for you. Please feel free to come in and use it. When you arrive, let the practitioner know that you wish to use the card you have on file.


Q: I came in for my treatment, but my Easy Card  wasn’t there. What happened to it?

A: To reduce communal points of contact, we removed all the physical cards from the clinic. We put all the information into an electronic file for you. We’ve set it up so that when you come in and get a treatment, the practitioner can see that you have an easy card on file and they are able to apply the card to that day’s treatment.


Q: Can I add more money on my easy card to reflect the new Sliding Scale?

A: Yes. Please! You can add more money onto your card, by putting a donation in the drop box in the treatment area. It’s also possible to prorate your card so that it fits into the new scale. For example, if you previously bought a 5 treatment card for $80, you can convert it into a 4 treatment card so that each treatment is now $20. Let us know if want to do that. It’s an easy change for us to make for you.  The math doesn’t need to work out perfectly. We are happy to convert and will round up to the closest number of treatments.


Q: Can I buy a new Easy Card?

A: Yes! Check out your two options for buying a new easy card on this other page of website.




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