Clinic Policies

Non-discrimination: Sacramento Acupuncture Project does not discriminate on the basis of race or national origin, age, religion, ability, education, height, weight, body type, marital status, sexual orientation, sex, or gender identity. All are welcome!

Cancellation Policy: All missed appointments and those cancelled with less than 12 hours notice are subject to a $20 no-show/late-cancellation fee. The online scheduler will not allow you to cancel appointments less than 12 hours prior to the appointment time. You will need to email or call us at (916) 800-2949 promptly to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

Help us be Scent-Free! We are a fragrance-free clinic. Please help us to accommodate our patients who are chemically sensitive to fragrances and other scented products. Thank you for not wearing perfume, aftershave, scented hand lotion, fragranced hair products, essential oils, and/or similar products during your visit.

Drop-ins: We are still operating at limited capacity and can not accommodate drop-ins at this time.  Please book online or call us at (916).800.2949 for an appointment. Our online scheduler allows you to book appointments up to 30 minutes before the available time.

Kids at SAP: We do treat children at SAP provided that they are able to sit quietly during their treatment. Children should be accompanied by an adult. Some caregivers bring books or DVDs to occupy kids during treatment. 15 minutes with the needles is usually plenty of time for a younger child. We find that kids who want to receive treatment usually do fine; if your child is frightened or just isn’t interested in treatment it is probably better to wait until they are older.

Animals at SAP: No animals allowed in the clinic, including emotional support animals. Service animals are the only exception. We do NOT treat pets at SAP.  If you would like a referral for animal acupuncture please let us know.

Closing time: The clinic will close one hour after the last appointment time. Please keep this in mind if you like to sleep for a long time during treatment!