Acupuncturist Bios

  Whitney Thorniley, L.Ac.

After living in the Bay Area for nearly 18 years (though I will always consider West Virginia home), I am excited to now be part of the Sacramento community!   Many years working in the grueling yet rewarding food service industry created the aches and pains that initially led me to acupuncture. The results were amazing. My own powerful experiences as a patient coupled with my typical curiosity made it clear that I needed to study acupuncture. With school completed, I worried about what my practice would look like and whether I would actually make it as an acupuncturist. I was thrilled and relieved to learn about Community Acupuncture, and I have never practiced professionally any other way! In 2008, I co-founded Oakland Acupuncture Project, which now has 2 locations in Oakland, with Sacramento Acupuncture Project being our third and newest clinic location.  When not in the clinic I read and hike and laugh and spend time with my two wild and amazing boys. I work Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.


  Molly Fread, L.Ac.

I’ve been working as a community acupuncturist since 2010, and it has been my privilege to offer affordable, accessible healthcare to many wonderful people in my local communities since then– first in New Mexico & Colorado, and more recently in Chico and Oakland.  I am thrilled to be one of the acupunks working in our now 3-year-old location here in Sacramento. In 2017 our two locations in Oakland, combined with Sacramento Acupuncture Project, provided more than 36,000 affordable treatments to members of our community. We welcome everyone to Sacramento Acupuncture Project, whether it’s your first time trying acupuncture or if you’ve had it many times. Acupuncture is for everyone!  I work Tuesday through Friday. Hablo un poco de espanol. Bienvenidos a hispanohablantes.

   Margo Miller, L.Ac.

Born and raised in Red Bluff, California and after more than a decade away from the North State I am excited to be back! I got my first acupuncture treatments here in California but it took moving to Washington DC to get me interested in becoming an acupuncturist. Once I learned about Community Acupuncture and being affordable and accessible to all in a community, I was sold and went to school. I am grateful to be getting back to my roots in the North State and showing my Southern husband how great it is here. When I am not treating patients I love to go hiking and camping as well as do inside “sports” of knitting and reading. I work Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday.


 Melissa Litman, L.Ac.

Originally from the Boston area, I am so happy to be in a more northern latitude and among the mountains and trees again after studying acupuncture in San Diego. My love of the outdoors led me to pursue studies in plants and their medicinal properties, and it was here that my interest in a more natural approach to medicine began.  I spent a number of years bouncing around the west coast studying with farmers, herbalists, naturopaths, energy healers and other practitioners of alternative medicine.  During this time I was introduced to Chinese Medicine; I was hooked. Rooted in the balance of the elements, I knew this system of meridians was the map I wanted to work with. I love that I can use this map to aid others on their journey toward healing and balance.  I substitute here at SAP.