How to Purchase Prepaid Treatment Cards (Easy Cards)

How to Purchase Prepaid Treatment Cards (Easy Cards)

Prepaid Treatment Cards (Easy Cards) are stored electronically, and you can purchase them using the options outlined below. Once a card is purchased we will add it to your chart and mark you off every time you come in for a visit (you do NOT need to put a note in the payment box each time).  When the card is all used up we will let you know.  Now isn’t that Easy!

Easy Card Pricing:

5 card = $100 – $200 sliding scale
10 card = $200 – $400 sliding scale 

Option One: 

Cash or Check. Put cash or check in our payment box along with a payment slip that includes your name, date, what type of card you want to purchase, and if you want to include that day’s visit.

Option Two: 

Credit Card payment.  Fill out This Online Package Request Form with your credit card information and submit it to us for processing. The credit card you enter will be charged at the time of submission.  There is a processing fee of 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction that is also charged at the time of submission.  Once you submit your form a receipt will be emailed to you.


How long will it take for my treatment credits to show up in my file?

Payment processing will happen one or two times a week, just like it does now. 

How do I use my prepaid treatment card?

Choose the option, “Return Visit: Pay in House the Old Fashion Way” when booking a return visit in schedulicity.  We will automatically keep track of your prepaid card in our charts and let you know when you are running low and need to purchase another card.  You do NOT need to put notes in the payment box about prepaid cards unless you are purchasing one.

Is my credit card information safe?

Our new payment platform uses Stripe in conjunction with Cognito forms.  All credit card data is secured with encrypted software. Once it is entered no one on our end can see your card details. Stripe is a secure payment platform just like other online payment systems used by yoga studios and restaurants. 

Can I still use PayPal/Schedulicity to purchase a prepaid treatment card?

  1. We are no longer using these platforms for Easy Cards, please use This Form, cash or check instead.

What if I don’t want to use my prepaid card for a visit?

If you are using your POCA membership benefits or are taking advantage of a special, you may not want us to mark off your prepaid card for a particular treatment, and that is totally fine.  Just let us know in person or put a note in the payment box. 

Do prepaid treatment cards expire?

No, the cash value of your Easy card is good indefinitely.

Can I share an prepaid treatment card with another person?

No, sharing easy cards is too difficult for us to track.  Each person needs to purchase their own treatment card.

What if I no longer want or need my EZC?

If you no longer want or need your prepaid treatment card you have a few options.  You can transfer it to a friend, you can donate the extra funds to the clinic, or we can issue you a refund for any renaming cash value.

Can I buy more than one EZC at a time?

Yes, you can buy as many cards at a time as you like.  Though if you want to purchase multiple cards with a credit card you will have to fill out the form multiple times.

Can I use my Flex Spending account or HSA account to purchase prepaid treatment cards?

Yes, you can use both FSA and HSA credit cards to pay for treatment cards directly when filling out the Online Package Request Form.  Alternatively, if you pay cash or check you can submit your self-made receipts for reimbursement.  If these self-made receipts are not accepted, you can request a receipt on our letter head up to twice a year (just email the clinic about this).

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