When NOT to Come In and Get Acupuncture

We are constantly assessing our world and attempting to create the safest possible environment for our patients and acupuncturists. At SAP we want to be a source of positive change in our community, we want to spark joy, encourage healing, and create a safe space for all. We have been following the suggestions of the CDC and WHO since the beginning of the pandemic and at this time we will continue to follow their suggestions. We have created this flowchart based on a CDC flowchart to help patients determine when it is safe to come in for acupuncture. If you have had covid, a covid exposure, or covid/cold/flu like symptoms please reference the chart above to see how many days you should wait before coming to the clinic. 

While we have required patients to wear a mask since the beginning of the pandemic, we are also now asking patients to wear a (k)N95 mask or double mask. It is really important that the mask you wear covers your nose and mouth throughout the duration of the time you are in the clinic (waiting room included). If you fall asleep and your mask falls down, we will wake you up and ask you to pull it back up again. Patients who cannot or will not comply with the mask policy will be asked to leave the clinic immediately. 

When arriving and leaving the clinic make sure to use hand sanitizer, our hand sanitizer is made for sensitive skin (such as those with eczema and psoriasis). 

If you have symptoms of a cold, the flu, or Covid19 please stay home and reference the flowchart above to determine when it is safe to return to the clinic. If you wake up the day of your appointment with symptoms please call and leave a voicemail or email the clinic to cancel your appointment.

We appreciate everyone’s continued commitment to providing a safe environment for the Sacramento community.

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