FSA’s the SAP Way

Did you know you can use your FSA (flexible spending account) at SAP? It is pretty easy! You can use your FSA card to purchase an easy card a.k.a. a pre-paid treatment card.

Step 1

Add your FSA card as a payment source to paypal

Step 2 

Go to our Paypal account

Step 3

Press Send

Step 4

Determine if you want 5 prepaid session or 10 prepaid sessions

  • 5 sessions are $110 to $210. 
  • 10 sessions are $210 to $410.

Feel free to pay whatever you like on the sliding scale. 

Step 5

Type in the amount you want to use and in the note section below include any important information, such as, if today’s acupuncture session should be included or if you pay $210 let us know if you want 5 or 10 sessions.

That is it! That is the easiest way to use your FSA to cover your acupuncture sessions!

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