SAP’s Statement of Solidarity and Support

In solidarity, Sacramento Acupuncture Project (SAP) grieves with our neighbors, colleagues, and loved ones within the Asian American Pacific Islander communities (AAPI). Last week’s violent white supremacist killings in Georgia exemplify the very real battles those in the AAPI community face. While the pandemic has certainly increased Anti-Asian sentiment in our communities, this is not new. Our hearts are with the families and loved ones of the victims, AAPI survivors of violence, and all AAPI people. 

We stand with AAPI communities and will speak out against white supremacist violence, vowing to take concrete action within our communities, organization(s) and selves to address this. Our lives as practitioners and patients have been immeasurably enriched by Asian traditional knowledge and practices. Our presence and work in this field would not otherwise be possible. 

We use SAP’s voice to condemn white violence, xenophobia, and misogyny. We celebrate the lives of AAPI and also recognize the importance of listening to voices of the AAPI community and amplifying them. Together we can work to create safer clinics. By acknowledging and understanding our histories and differences, we commit to respecting one another and building a stronger acupuncture community. 

Here are some incredible resources that we can learn from, talk about, and share with our communities. Education is the first step towards direct action.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice (including trainings and more)

Asian American Federation (including safety and bystander/“upstander” resources)

Asian American Feminist Collective

Anti-Asian Violence Resources

Asian American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Hollaback (including bystander intervention trainings)

Movement 4 Black Lives Statement on Anti-Asian Violence

National Asian Pacific American Women’s Forum

Send Chinatown Love

Stop AAPI Hate
Stop Anti-AAPI Hate Community Resources from TNLR

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