Welcome Melissa Litman LAc., Our New Acupuncturist

After studying in San Diego for the past five years, I have recently relocated up here to Sacramento.  Originally from the Boston area, I am so happy to be in a more northern latitude and among the mountains and trees again.  I have always had a fascination with maps. After finishing my BA in geography (yep, you can major in that) I headed out west to work for the National Parks system. My journey to becoming an Acupuncturist started soon after I realized maybe a government job was not for me.  My love of the outdoors led me to pursue my studies in plants and their medicinal properties.  It was there that my interest in a more natural approach to medicine began.  I spent the next few years bouncing around the west coast studying with farmers, herbalists, naturopaths, energy healers and other practitioners of alternative medicine.  During this time I was introduced to Chinese Medicine and was hooked. Rooted in the balance of the elements, I knew this system of meridians was the map I wanted to work with. I love that I can use this map to aid others on their journey toward healing and balance.  In my free time you will usually find me outside on the trails. I will be working at SAP on Mondays 9 am to 2 pm.

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