Margo on Being a POCA Member

Margo Miller

Community is awesome in all forms. Since the moment I learned about Community Acupuncture by reading Acupuncture is Like Noodles, I was in.  I love being a part of communities on all levels: from small and local (Sacramento Acupuncture Project) to international and on the internet (People’s Organization of Community Acupuncture aka POCA).

Oakland Acupuncture Project (AKA: OAP) has now grown into SOAP – Sacramento/Oakland Acupuncture Project. We have three clinics: two in Oakland and one in Sacramento. Each individual clinic has it’s own small community with its own vibe, punks*, and patients, but we are all part of the bigger SOAP community.

The SOAP community is part of an even bigger community through POCA. POCA is made up of community acupuncture clinic owners, punks, patients, and volunteers, and we all love Community Acupuncture. There are so many benefits to becoming a POCA member that I’ll just let you peruse on your own here:, but the biggest benefit is that you are part of an organization that supports the solidarity of local communities.

POCA helped me find my new job at SOAP, and I could not be happier to be part of the smaller community at Sacramento Acupuncture Project, the larger community of SOAP and of course the ever growing, international community of POCA. Help me support this movement by becoming a member today.

*Punk = affectionate term for Community Acupuncturists


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