My Nest is Best!!

At SAP, we want you to feel cozy and at home in our clinic.  When we come over to treat you, we are focused on understanding your needs and providing an excellent acupuncture treatment. As a patient, and part of the community at SAP, you should feel free to use the time before your treatment to do whatever it takes to make yourself comfortable in our chairs, or what we sometimes refer to as “building your nest.”

Here is a list of tips for making your nest the best:

1.  Please grab one or more blankets to place underneath you and/or cover yourself with, if you are prone to feeling cold.  It is always a good idea to position the blankets before your treatment.

2. We also have many different pillows for you to use. They are great for propping behind your neck, behind your back, and under your elbows (especially if you find your hands fall asleep during treatment). Once again, it is a good idea to take care of this before your treatment begins.

3. Feel free to bring some ear plugs or music buds. We realize not everyone likes the groovy elevator music we play, so you are also welcome to listen to your own music on some headphones (just make sure it’s not loud enough to be heard by your neighbors).

4. Most of our chairs lock into a reclining position. The locks are located just beneath the arm rests. Locking the chair into place will keep you from feeling like you are on a seesaw during your treatment. Please remember to unlock your chair before moving into an upright position. Moving the chair forward while it is locked, not only makes a loud clicking noise, it will break the locking mechanism over time.

5. Do you have a favorite blanket or pillow at home? A plush sleep mask? A fancy neck travel pillow? Bring it with you and make your nest the best!

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